Tattoo Aftercare

-Remove Bandage (if one is applied) after 2 hours and wash with cold soapy water.
-Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
-Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive on the tattoo.
-After washing, apply small amount of , unscented lotion, or H2Ocean.
-Do not scratch or pick, as loss of scab will cause white spots.
-Keep out of direct sunlight and tanning beds for a few weeks.
-Avoid tanning oils and sand.
-Try to avoid tight fitting clothes.
-No swimming for (10) days.
-Avoid hot tubs and the ocean during the healing process.
-Do not over soak your tattoo with water while in the shower / bath.
-How you take care of your tattoo will determine how it will look.
-CALL US if you have ANY problems or questions.